BitStream – Viral Bloom

$955.00 / month



Triple-pronged approach intended to increase and sustain your organic viewer audience. Viral Bloom adds a sustained viewer base for your accredited social channel and its respective content, product, or organization after a Verified Campaign has been completed.

  1. Increased Organic Spotlight
  2. Algorithm Generated Channel Priority
  3. Featured Publication Viewer Base

Viral Blooms grants your approved page with access to our organic viewer audience of over 11+ million natural viewers and state-of-the-art techniques in addition to our curated international audience via our playlist network to place your rankings into the highest tiers of social spotlight in order to turn your respected channel into a social magnet with a real “growing” dynamic audience and viewer base that is geographically oriented but also internationally acclaimed.

One of your requested social media accounts (specify).

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube

Low obligation contracts. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Monthly BitStream (Viral Bloom) Includes Up To The Numbers Specified Under Each Service With Extended Delivery Protection

*** Fulfillment Protected by Roll Over ***

“Roll Over” implies if delivery times are delayed for technical reasons the results will be achieved with reasonable overtime for the expected results. The service will continue up until the contract duration in which case the subscriber can delay renewal until the the results are delivered to ensure transparency. If the subscription is broken before the contract duration the delivery of all services will be halted.

11 Million Aggregate Organic Audience & Viewer Base

Ghosting Timeframe: 12 Month (Intended), 6 Month (Minimum)

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Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube


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