BitStream – E-Commerce Development

$225.00 / month and a $3,555.99 sign-up fee

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Sell anything. Anytime. Anywhere.

The most advanced responsive E-Commerce Store at your finger tips.

Automated web development, maintenance, and active BitTicketing for your custom requested E-Commerce Development.

Our latest techniques in web coding are bridging the gaps between natural language and computer code.

Simply type and relay your requests via your unique BitTicket and experience GhostAI magic.


Use our Decentralized BitCloud to store active files regarding your project so its not lost and so it doesn’t go stale. Let the Ai do the work.


Step-by-Step BitPlan

  1. Complete Order: Include Desired Product Name in Description
  2. Initial Call & Login into BitCloud: Domain Name (DNS) Scouting & Product Naming
  3. Hosting Setup: WP Engine
  4. Connect Hosting: with Domain Name(s) or do forwarding with many
  5. BitAi: Initial Logo Build & Constant Revisits
  6. BitAi: Initial Site Build
  7. BitAi: Ecommerce Setup (Payment Processor)
  8. BitAi: Connect Existing Ecommerce Links & 3rd Party Resellers (Alibaba or Ebay)
  9. BitAi: Connect Google My Business Analytics
  10. Test Order
  11. Test Analytics
  12. Revisit Branding Tweaks
  13. Launch Social Farming or SEO Algorithm Campaign (Included in this Purchase)
  14. Continue Monthly UI/UX Re-Tweaks
  15. Start Social Farming & SEO Tweaking Process
  16. Identify Focused Keywords & Keyphrases – (Repeat Until Top 3 in Google Search Engines)



Monthly BitStream (E-Commerce Development) Includes:

  • Custom E-Commerce Store ($3555.99)
  • Site Maintenance & Active Dev ($225.00/Month)
    • Basic tweaks
    • Essential Updates
    • Backups

Enterprise grade hosting with the highest level of SSL security offered via our partner: WP Engine

Ghosting Timeframe: 12 Month (Minimum)


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