BitStream – Custom Mobile App

From: $299.99 / month and a $6,677.99 sign-up fee



Custom mobile applications designed according to your specifications.

With the power of active BitTicketing simplify your requests and have our team of ghosts and advanced artificial intelligence (AI) bring your vision to life from wire-frame to v1.0

Monthly BitStream (Custom Mobile App) Includes:

  • Custom Wire-Frame
  • Custom Responsive Mobile Application (v1.0)
  • Advanced Market & Initial Scope Analysis


*** Free Facebook Page (Marketing Gift) – [1000+ Followers]  (All Packages Included)


Additional Requirements (All Packages):

  1. Must also pay $500 Publishing Fee (When Ready to Publish)
  2. Our preferred Cross-Platform APP Publisher (Monthly Publisher Fees will be deduced from your subscription)
  3. After Ghosting Timeframe30% of Monthly Development Cost is Removed (Only publishing costs required!)


Ghosting Timeframe: 12 Month (Minimum)

Additional information

App Levels

Balanced, Optimized, High, Godzilla


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